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Areas of Expertise

Do you want to feel better, but are caught in a cycle of doing the same things over and over again, with no positive change? Do you feel like you can’t take it anymore? Are you afraid you will have to upend your life, maybe make changes you aren’t ready to make, or discover things you would rather keep hidden?


Life’s not easy—it’s more like a full-contact sport. We all have deep feelings of brokenness,

of not being enough. This is part of the human condition. I work with my clients to ease their
painful experiences and as a result, they are more able to experience the natural well-being
that is deep within all of us.


In a compassionate and non-judgmental environment, I help people come to a deeper understanding of themselves. Once you have your own understanding, you can see things
differently, which results in real change.


Starting therapy can be scary. But it doesn’t have to be—therapy is simply a vote for yourself. So much of the time, we feel compelled to put on a good face. I want to give you the opportunity to get in touch with your true self and live a more authentic life that’s in alignment with who you truly are.

Does it feel like you cannot improve things in your closest relationships and no matter how hard you try, nothing changes? Are you just going through the motions? 

We all yearn for deep connection. It is embedded in our psyches to crave a personal, intimate connection with others. If you do not feel a real connection in your most intimate relationships, you will feel an aching void. Most of us spend time trying to improve our relationships; but left to our own devices, we usually just end up frustrated and upset, unable to break out of our self-destructive patterns.


Blinded by our own habitual thinking, it is almost impossible to find a new way without a guide. I work with people to help them gain insights, so that they can see things for themselves. From this new perspective, changes naturally result. Together, we will look at the issues that are keeping you from having a more satisfying experience in your life and a feeling of connection and intimacy in your relationships. We will work together so that you can be your own best friend instead of your own worst enemy.

Parenting Counseling

We all want to do what’s best for our children. Even so, often we feel at a loss about how to help them, or our “helpfulness” backfires. What can we do to ensure their well-being, and maintain a good relationship while enjoying our children?

Sometimes we have an idealized vision in our head of what the perfect parent should be like. This parent is always calm and loving and endlessly patient, never gets rattled, and always feels naturally and effortlessly connected to their angelic child.  

Although I do not know anyone like this in real life., I do know that the more we expect ourselves to be this way, the harder we make it for ourselves and our kids. There are things to know and do that can help you raise confident and competent children, who respect you and you respect in return.

Divorce is the death of a marriage and can feel like the end of one’s hopes and dreams.

It’s normal to feel fear, grief, and loneliness. You might wonder if you will ever be happy again.

Concern and worry about your children is often the most difficult part. 

In divorce, as in any situation in life, there are things that make it better and things that make it worse. Knowing what you can do to make things better for your children is so important. I work with clients and their families to learn tactics that can make all the difference in moving forward–despite the difficult circumstances.

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