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“I was lucky to find Jewel when I needed her the most. 

When I felt the most lost in my life, Jewel helped me find a way to deal with the problems day by day and get back on track with my life. 

Talking to Jewel always feels like talking to a loving family member. She genuinely cares for her patients and goes above and beyond to help them. 

Based on my experience, I can honestly say anyone can benefit from having Jewel be a part of their life.”

   —Daniel C.


“Jewel has a special and unique talent for being empathetic with a lot of heart behind all she does. She can shine new perspectives and just be a safe person to relate to and be with in the deepest hardest emotions. She helped me release deep routed trauma and beliefs and spark a new light in my soul. She has an incredible “magic” about her. I no longer feel alone and have a new freedom within me. Thank you Jewel!”

   —Coley S.



“Jewel has helped me with so much. I'm extremely grateful for her and everything she's done for me. I highly recommend Jewel! She's the real deal.”

   —Jason C.


“Jewel is extremely relatable and great to talk to. I always feel 100% understood and supported when I'm with her. I highly recommend her!”

   —Melanie H.


“Jewel is an amazingly perceptive, insightful, and warm person. She helps you help yourself, but  is right there guiding you gently. She offers a different perspective than those you may have thought of yourself, a different way of thinking, so that suddenly you can see your issue in a much more helpful and clarifying way.

She points out strengths and positive qualities that you might not even have been aware you had, in an affirming and strengthening way. She can also see areas that you need to work on and encourages that growth in a non-judgemental way. She makes you a better person.

I always feel better after talking to her.”

   —Jimmi R.


“Jewel is a uniquely caring and helpful person. Deeply empathetic, she seems to understand the core of a person after a brief conversation. And she doesn’t just understand—she knows how to guide you, in a loving way, into making changes. These changes may be subtle, but they help you shake off all the layers of baggage and emerge as that better version of yourself you hadn’t realized was waiting underneath. She cuts right through the excuses and the explanations we put up around our issues, but she does it in such an accepting, loving way that you not only see your issues for what they are, you feel like they aren’t as bad as you were making them out to be. Working with Jewel is like reconnecting to an old friend—you laugh, you cry, and you leave feeling renewed.”

   —Ella G.


“I took this workshop with Jewel and it was great!

After putting us all at ease, and ensuring a safe environment with complete confidentiality and mutual respect between attendees, Jewel asked us to work on something that we had been struggling with and provided exercises to improve in that area.

I really appreciated how she asked us to set tiny goals that were actually possible to accomplish! I was able to take these new behaviors and implement them into my life.  I felt a sense of accomplishment and success and continue to incorporate them daily as I move towards my goal.

I recommend working with Jewel for anyone who wants to improve on any aspect of their life!”

   —Elisa W.


“Jewel Safren has provided me with her professional therapeutic services numerous times with respect to grief counselling. Each session, I have found to be extremely beneficial. Jewel is professional, compassionate and empathetic. She also grooms the sessions to my particular needs. Since those sessions, I have experienced much relief and I am very grateful as well as impressed with the results. I highly recommend her services which can apply to all forms of counselling. Should anyone wish to speak to me personally concerning Jewel’s work, please feel free to contact me at 973-901-2266.”

   —Rebbetzin Devorah Klar, Chabad Shlucha of Essex County


“She is a great professional, she is understanding and supportive. She has always been very helpful. Definitely a great therapist.”

   —Sandra J.


"Jewel is a wonderful, kind, and very wise therapist who gives her clients her all. You won't feel rushed or "on the clock" which is usually one of the hardest parts about therapy. Golda Jewel will make you feel safe and will also help you figure things out and make things better for yourself and your family. I highly recommend her services!”

   —Mirel G.


“Jewel is an incredibly insightful person. She has a way of getting straight to the issue without wasted energy. And because she's so adept at figuring out what's really going on, she also clearly understands what needs to be done to fix it. She's also a pleasure to work with—one of the warmest and most trustworthy people you'll meet.”

   —Alisa B.


“Jewel has been so helpful in getting to the bottom of any issues that crop up in my life. She really has a knack for being able to pinpoint the root causes and offers incredibly practical advice. She’s very warm and genuine and sincerely cares about her clients!”



“Jewel is kind, supportive, and extremely empathetic. She always makes you feel seen, heard and understood. A wonderful listener, guide, and person!”

   —Kayla K.


Jewel you have helped me more than you can imagine.  I still have a long way to go but I would have been lost without you. Not only that, you believe in me and that means the world to me

   —Dan P.


Jewel is a very compassionate and empathetic person. Her approach to coaching will open your eyes and let you see the issues from a different perspective. She will help you untangle your problems and tell you exactly what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. There are no countless "what do YOU think?" questions. Her strategy is to make you pause, rethink and move forward looking objectively at the problem. She will explain and show examples of real life situations which help you understand where the problems are coming from. 

   —Cindy K.



I discovered Jewel's services at a time when I needed to talk to someone the most, right after I had my first child. I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression and did not want to turn to medication. Though I have not had wonderful relationships with therapists in the past, working with Jewel has made me a real believer in therapy and the power of her work.  After meeting with her for just one time, I felt a weight off my shoulders and was feeling better.  It has been a few months since our first session, and because of Jewel, I finally feel like myself again. She has equipped me with tools I need to be able to not only survive as a new working mom, but to thrive. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jewel!

   —Lauren D.


I've been working with Jewel for a little over a year and it has been life changing! She is extremely empathetic and insightful and her approach is one where we can discuss issues thoughtfully and also approach them on a deeper spiritual level. Jewel truly cares about helping her patients and I've gained more than I can ever express from her. I am extremely lucky to have found Jewel and would recommend her to anyone who is looking to grow and improve their lives.


   —Andrew F.

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