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Rabbi Paysach J. Krohn

117-09 85th Avenue

Kew Gardens, NY 11418

To Whom It May Concern,


I am privileged to write on behalf of Mrs. Jewel Safren who I have known for close to three decades. Mrs. Safren is a kind, caring, compassionate person who makes all in her presence feel comfortable. She compliments freely, and has the capacity to make people feel special.


I have no doubt that she is an expert in social work and guidance counseling. I think that all who receive her advice would welcome it and be most appreciative. Please give Mrs. Safren every consideration, for you are not only helping her, but helping all those she comes in contact with.



Rabbi Paysach J. Krohn

Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz

152 Golders Green Road

London NW 11 8HE



This is to certify that I have known Mrs. Jewel Safren for some years now and can testify to her unusually well developed skills in the fields of social work and life coaching, including her ability to help speakers gain confidence and expertise in public speaking.


Among her special skills are:


She has the ability to make clients feel safe; she generates a feeling of confidence when teaching and counseling. She is particularly insightful in her capacity to “get to the heart of the matter” very quickly. In guiding people within their own individual circumstances, she has a gift for perceiving the central issue with clarity and the ability to reflect this to the client or trainee. This skill means that many problems can be solved or much improved rapidly, without the need for unnecessarily prolonged work.


In the area of public speaking training, Jewel works with speakers to compose their presentations with clarity and then on delivery skills. This includes dealing with the fear and anxiety associated with public speaking. Her constant focus is on bringing out the natural ability of the speaker by breaking through the barriers that hold them back. She herself is a clear and direct communicator and a natural and quick problem solver.


Jewel’s professional qualifications and experience include”


  1. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (holds the highest state license)

  2. She holds a Masters Degree in Social Work

  3. Has significant number of hours of clinical work including work at Bellevue, Stanford, and the National Institute for Mental Health

  4. One-on-one experience in coaching public speaking

  5. Has facilitated a women’s workshop for development and growth (received comments such as “Jewel is insightful, caring and has amazing leadership skills” and “this was uplifting, spiritual and enlightening experience”)


In summary, Jewel has special skills that make coaching and life skills teaching natural for her. Her talent for maintaining sharp focus is the ideal tool for solving personal and interpersonal problems and for showing people how to develop their natural skills, including public speaking skills. I can testify from personal experience that she deeply understands and appreciates what is important in a spoken presentation.


These skills are essential in defining paths to solutions; and together with her sense of empathy and compassion, her sense of what is needed in human situations and her clear communication style, she is ideally qualified in her chosen field of social work, counseling and presentation training. These skills are very well applied in one-on-one work as well as in group sessions and workshops – she is an ideal facilitator in my opinion.


I would be happy to be contacted by anyone wanting more detail; it is a pleasure to highly recommend Jewel for her standards of excellence in her field.



Rabbi Dr. A. Tatz



Rabbi Jonathan Rietti, B. Ed, M. Sci

2 Raoul Court

Monsey, NY 10952

Dear Sir/Madam,


I am writing this letter as a recommendation for Mrs. Jewel Safren. I have known Jewel for almost two decades. Her personality is literally a reflection of her name, an absolute Jewel. She has a natural love for life and people so it is no wonder that Mrs. Safren holds an LSW, and LCSW in addition to being a public speaking coach. When people sign up for coaching in public speaking, it is frequently to overcome their fear of being seen as foolish by what they fear they may say in a public setting. It thus takes a special sensitivity and wisdom to constantly see the good, the virtue, and intrinsic goodness in that person, and draw it out for themselves to see ‘ they can overcome.’ Jewel does exactly that and more.


Whether in her counseling or coaching people in public speaking, she has a unique ability to make people feel safe, and helps them to bring out their best.  I have seen this first hand in the people she has worked with, including my own family members. Jewel makes those she works with shine when they would otherwise forget there is plenty to smile about. I am certain your employment of her services will confirm my own observations.


Wishing you every success in your decision,


Sincerely yours,


Rabbi Jonathan Rietti, B. Ed, M. Sci.

Simcha Feuerman, LCSW-R

147-32 69th Road

Kew Gardens Hills, NY 11367


Dear Jewel,


I am sending you this note in appreciation for the skillful coaching you have provided. You have helped my seminars become more engaging, fun, and most of all better understood by the participants.


I have received more than one unsolicited compliment from colleagues regarding recent seminars, indicating that you helped me attain a new level.


Thank you.



Rabbi Simcha Feuerman, LCSW-R



Lea Malul

CEO, Galien Foundation Israel

To Whom It May Concern,


I have known Jewel for approximately 30 years. I have worked with her both professionally and personally in many capacities. Jewel provides a totally safe environment and is able to bring out the best in people. Her compassion and warmth radiate. Give yourself a gift and work with Jewel. She will help you discover your best self.


Regards Lea Malul

CEO, Galien Foundation Israel

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