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Marriage and Family Counseling

We all strive to be a perfect parent. Yet, we often find ourselves constantly questioning ourselves, wondering if our efforts are doing more harm than good.


How can we ensure the well-being of our children, foster a lifelong positive relationship with them, and genuinely enjoy the time we spend together?


Confronting the Myth of Perfection​

The image of an ideal parent—always calm, endlessly patient, never rattled, and in perfect harmony with their child—dominates our culture.

In truth this vision is more myth than reality. No one embodies these qualities at every moment. The pressure to live up to such an unrealistic standard can be overwhelming, creating unnecessary stress for both parents and children.


Embracing Authenticity in Parenting

Recognizing that the pursuit of perfection in parenting is paralyzing is the first step toward real progress. It's essential to understand that being a good parent doesn't mean being a perfect parent, it means being a present parent. Engaged, aware, and willing to learn. There are practical strategies and insights that can empower you to raise confident, competent children who respect you as much as you respect them. 


Strategies for Effective Parenting​

Parenting counseling offers a space to explore these strategies, providing tools to:

  • Enhance communication with your children, ensuring that both parties feel heard and valued.

  • Set boundaries that foster independence, respect, and mutual understanding.

  • Respond rather than react to challenging situations, reducing stress and conflict.

  • Cultivate a nurturing environment that supports your children's growth and self-esteem.

  • Balance discipline with love, ensuring that your children know they are supported and cherished.

Building a Strong Foundation

The journey of parenting is one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences life offers. It's about more than just guiding your children through their developmental stages; it's about growing with them, learning about yourself, and forging a bond built on love, respect, and mutual trust. I am here to support you in this journey, to offer insights and techniques to help you navigate the complexities of raising children in today's world.


Ready to Embrace the Journey?

If you're ready to explore new perspectives on parenting, to foster a deeper connection with your children, and to create a family dynamic filled with mutual respect and understanding, I can provide the guidance and support you need. Together, we can work towards building a nurturing and positive family environment, where every member feels valued and heard.

I am a grandmother and came to see Jewel about issues with my grown children. I choose her because being a mother and grandmother herself I felt she could understand what I was going through. At the very first meeting between myself and my daughter  Jewel got us from yelling to crying and hugging. I wish I had come to her ten years ago. She is a gem.    

—Melanie L.



My teen age daughter was barely talking to me. Her mother and I had divorced and we were both remarried. I loved our daughter desperately but she blamed me for everything. She would hardly ever come visit me and I was miserable. A friend recommended Jewel to us, as she had helped them with their family issues. Jewel had some sessions with my daughter alone and some with us together. My daughter loved her. Thank G-d my daughter started visiting me again and we are now on a visitation schedule. Jewel, thank you for giving me back my family.

—David C.



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