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Areas of Expertise

Are you feeling stuck? Just going through the motions of life, feeling like a hamster on a wheel?  You're not alone. Feelings of stagnation are common. You know you want to be in a different place, you just don’t know how to get there!


Are you feeling exhausted? Just getting through the day until you can close your eyes and sleep? Life is tough, and it can often feel like a full-contact sport, where you are getting tackled daily.  You want more energy and enthusiasm in your life, but you are too exhausted to even think about it. 


This is the human condition. We are all moving through life’s struggles, doing the best we can, striving for a sense of contentment, happiness, and peace. My mission is to help you find it!


You would do anything to help your best friend or your family member. Why is it that we serve others and not serve ourselves? Choosing therapy is a gift to yourself, a profound act of self-love. It’s a step towards breaking free from the cycles that hold you back and drain you. It allows you to move forward towards a life that you want.


Embrace the Journey Towards a Better Life

Are you afraid that if you start therapy you might have to confront things you'd rather keep hidden? This fear of the unknown and the vulnerabilities therapy might uncover can feel scary.


We all have deep seated feelings of inadequacy and brokenness. This doesn’t mean you are damaged; it means you are human! My approach is centered on empowering you to become your own best friend instead of your own worst enemy.


Real Change Comes from Within

My mission is to guide you through the process of dealing with painful experiences so they can stop weighing you down. I will help you shed the facades worn daily to create honest discussion. In a non-judgmental manner, I’ll help guide you towards a more compassionate understanding of yourself which will allow you to see the world differently and lead to natural and lasting changes. In our time together you'll find a safe space to explore your innermost feelings and start living a life that is more peaceful and fulfilling.


Let's Navigate This Journey Together

If you're ready to take the first step, I'm here as a guide. Let's embark on your hero’s journey together. A happier more satisfied version of you is waiting.



When I reached out to jewel I was feeling depressed for about 6 months. Honestly I choose her because I loved her picture. As soon as we started  working together I was able to make changes and get myself out of a rut. I started  doing things that gave me pleasure, things that got me back in touch with who I really am. I now feel like I have a sense of purpose and am living in integrity with myself.  

—Ricki G.

I want to live not just exist is what I told Jewel during our first session. I was going through the motions of my life but feeling like I wasn't really living it. I felt like I was just wasting time-wasting my life. With Jewel’s loving help I was able to believe in myself again and get in touch with my innate talents and strengths. I have changed careers and am now in a work environment where I feel I am making the world a better place. Thank you Jewel for believing in me and gently guiding me towards a meaningful life.
—Sharon P.

I love Jewel. She is warm, insightful and loving. I came to her at a very low time in my life. With her encouragement and insight I was able to find myself again. I was able to move forward and get back on track.  Ive since found my purpose and have incorporated it into my work life. I’ve also found a new healthy relationship. Jewel, you are the best. 

—Randi J.

I love Jewel. When I came to her I was filled with anxiety, I was always doubting myself and had no idea which direction I wanted to go in. I did not trust myself at all. With Jewels help I was able to learn to trust myself again. I began to have more faith in myself and started to have the courage to make my own decisions. I now feel like I am comfortable in my own skin and living a life that feels true to who I am.

—Deborah S.

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