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Areas of Expertise

The Search for Meaningful Relationships​

Sometimes the people who are supposed to feel the closest to you feel the furthest away. The sense that you are living with strangers is not uncommon. Trying to improve your closest relationships can feel like an endless cycle of effort with no positive change. No matter how hard you try, the situation remains the same, leaving you to just go through the motions, like you are playing a part in a tv show.


Despite investing considerable time and energy into improving our closest relationships, we often find ourselves trapped in a loop of frustration and disappointment. This only serves to deepen the divide between ourselves and our loved ones.


We all have a fundamental yearning for connection—a desire to share intimate and personals bond with others. When this connection is lacking in our closest relationships, it leaves a profound void, a sense of something essential missing from our lives.


Discovering New Perspectives and Moving Towards Connection and Intimacy​

Our habitual ways of thinking and acting can limit us, making it almost impossible to forge a new path. Together, we will explore the barriers preventing the depth of connection and intimacy you desire in your relationships and gain the insights necessary to view situations from a different perspective. This new understanding leads to meaningful change, which opens the door to richer, more satisfying relationships.


Embrace the Possibility of Change

Starting the journey of marriage and family counseling can feel scary, but it is a step towards healing and growth, not just for yourself, but for your relationships. By learning to navigate the complexities of relationships with empathy, understanding, and resilience you can move beyond the cycle of frustration, towards a life with more satisfying relationships.


Let's Begin This Transformative Journey

If you're ready to transform your relationships and move towards a life with connection and love, I'm here to help.  Together, we can work towards a future where you and your loved ones share a deeper connection and understanding.



My wife and I had a great relationship until our children came along. We became roommates and were both unhappy and lonely in our marriage although we still loved each other. Jewel saw us separately and together. With Jewel’s help we were able to get back on track and feel connected again. We learned what our partner needed and what  we could do that would really make a difference to our spouse. We learned what makes each of us feel loved. Its made ALL the difference.

—Jon R.



My husband and I drifted after our first child was born. We had another child but it felt like we were just going through the motions of being a couple. Our relationship was functional. We were both lonely and missed feeling close to each other. We referred to Jewel by a friend who told us how helpful she was when they went to her for marriage counseling. Jewel was so warm and understanding. So non-judgmental and empathetic. Working with jewel we were able to reconnect and feel close again. We learned to do the little things that mean a lot. I now feel loved again by my spouse. We feel like a team again.  

—Lori D.



My husband and I love each other and our children. Our biggest recurring problem had to do with my parents and my in-laws. We constantly fought about how to handle their interfering in our lives.   With Jewel’s help we were able to establish boundaries in a non-confrontational way and in a way that we could both agree on. We learned how to protect our beautiful relationship and not feel guilty about it. Our fighting is down about 80-90%. Thank you, Jewel

—Rose B.

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