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Helping you identify the issues

that create personal and relationship problems,

while bringing clarity leading to

resolution with honesty and compassion.

Jewel SafrenLCSW

Standford University
National Institute of Mental Health
NYC Health + Hospitals, Bellevue
NYU Langone Health
National Association of Social Workers
San Jose State University
Jewish Link of New Jersey
JM in the AM Radio

Jewel has been a scholar in residence with the Mendy Vims Holiday Program and Lenny Davidman’s Crowne Plaza Holiday Program



Jewel Safren

When things are not okay, and haven't been in a long time…
perhaps it’s your marriage, your child, or a personal struggle that torments you each day. It feels like you’ve tried lots of things already, but nothing's worked.  

You realize that you really can't do this alone, and calling a therapist is not easy. 

You want a therapist, and one who can understand and help you

make changes in a way that feels safe and comfortable.

Blinded by our own habitual thinking, it is
almost impossible to find a new way of being—without a guide.

I work with people to help them gain insights into their own thoughts and actions.

From this new perspective, positive changes naturally result.

"Therapy doesn’t have to be scary—

it’s simply a vote for yourself."

In a compassionate and
non-judgmental environment, I work with my clients to
soften painful experiences so that they can experience
the whole, healthy person underneath it all.

Together, we will zero in on the issues that are keeping you from having a more satisfying experience of life and a feeling of connection in your closest relationships.

Marriage and Family Counseling

Are you ready to stop torturing yourself with perfectionism? Learn how to experience joy in your relationship with your child. Learn what works and
what doesn't.

Divorce Counseling

What if you could raise children who feel confident and competent even though their parents are divorced? I’ve been there, and I can help you get
there too.



—Jimmi R.

“Jewel is an amazingly perceptive, insightful, and warm person. She helps you help yourself, but is right there guiding you gently. She points out strengths and positive qualities that you might not even have been aware you had, in an affirming and strengthening way.”

Interview begins at the 8:30 minute mark.

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